Figo AI's Open Banking

Increase efficiency and customer engagement.


Open banking builds a digital ecosystem that depends not only on its features and options but also on one that supports its brand and, most importantly, its customers. With the growing demand in the market for developer talent, the pace and scale of innovation are driving the adoption and expansion of partner ecosystems to support both customer experiences and process improvements.

To provide better digital experiences and boost productivity, tap into a wealth of data. Open banking opens up a slew of new opportunities for banks, allowing them to quickly provide slick digital products that attract and engage clients while also streamlining processes.

Mini core banking configuration

Figo AI's mini core banking configuration on top of the core banking system helps our clients to build the solutions efficiently.

Quick work flow with Low code No code (LCNC)

Dynamic experience lies in expanding, upgrading, plugging, or altering the app to enhance it.

Allowing repeated use of pre configured modules, components, and functionalities for different applications. The pre-configured modules, for instance, comprise certain core functions that are common for several applications. These can be used wherever applicable, making the process of application development a lot quicker.

Plug in

Add-on that is installed on a program,
enhancing its capabilities


Easy navigation, Backgrounds,
Multi device approach, Sliders and banners, Chatbots and integrated animations ,etc


Changes to an existing service,
as many times, as required.

Journey API and Backend For Frontend (BFF)

A regular customer wants to see all interactions across different products, services of a bank

Open Banking benefits


The creation of a user interface that is highly visual and feature rich from a content standpoint when accessed across any device

An API based model to invoke any business process or data elements based on appropriate security  by a third party .

The development and deployment of an application that encourages a DevOps based approach

An automated application delivery, configuration management & deployment

Creation of scalable business processes (e.g. client on boarding, KYC, Payment dispute check etc) that natively
emit business metrics from the time they’re instantiated
to throughout their lifecycle